Balcony Solar System

Reliable Balcony Solar System

A Balcony Power Station is a compact and portable solar power generation system designed for use on balconies or small outdoor spaces. It often consists of solar panels easily installed on railings, walls, or floors and microinverters that convert the power. Users can also install an energy storage system to be prepared for grid outages. This system provides a convenient and space-efficient solar power solution in urban or limited-space environments.

PVB solar system

Select a Balcony Solar System for Your Home

PVB provides various kits to fit your home based on the available space and actual needs.

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Balcony Solar System
Balcony Energy Storage
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A Guide to DIY Solar Panel System

PVB Easy Solar Kit is a DIY solar panel system that is easy to install. What you need to do is use brackets and accessories to install the solar panels in your desired location – whether it be on the railing, wall, or ground. Connect the solar panels and microinverters, and connect them to the home grid to complete the installation of the whole system. Without asking for professional guidance, you can enjoy green electricity right away.

Is It Worth Buying Solar Panels for Home

Saving Costs

For instance, if you employ a 600W module as a benchmark, it has the potential to generate up to 600kW annually, meeting half the energy requirements of a home with a 1200kW demand. This translates to a 50% reduction in costs.

DIY Installation

Its simplicity and compactness make it easy to install and move. Ordinary individuals can easily complete the installation based on the tutorial. And if you plan to relocate, the system can be disassembled and reinstalled.


What you need to do is fix the PV system to the balcony railing and plug the system cables into household outlets. Then solar energy generation is started to meet daily household electricity needs.

More Solutions​

Balcony Energy Storage Solutions

PVB offers cutting-edge energy solutions to everyone, ensuring a life of energy independence characterized by efficiency, safety.

On-grid Solar Energy Solutions

Discover the untapped potential of solar power and become a vital asset in your home and business. Embrace sustainability with ease.

Portable Balcony Solar Kits

Elevate your living space with our balcony solar systems – compact yet powerful, turning your balcony into a clean energy powerhouse.

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