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Embracing Opportunities

Partnering with PVB opens the door to a world of opportunities and innovation. PVB’s commitment to quality and excellence, coupled with a diverse product portfolio, ensures that partners have access to cutting-edge solutions. Whether you are looking to expand your product offerings, enter new markets, or enhance your current operations, PVB is the reliable partner you can count on. PVB prioritizes collaboration, and its global presence, along with local offices in key regions, ensures that it provides personalized support and understanding of local markets. Together, let’s unlock new horizons and achieve remarkable results.

Partnership Benefits

Diverse Product Portfolio

Comprehensive product range for various application scenarios like residential rooftops and balconies, and commercial rooftops.

Leading Technology

With innovative technology, PVB provides competitive products that stand out in the market.

Fast Delivery

PVB has established mature production lines, enabling fast delivery once receiving the order.

Attractive Margins

With the mature supply chain and customized sales scheme, PVB can offer more margins for customers.

Professional Marketing

Exclusive marketing support from materials to events, together with online and offline marketing combination.

Service & Support

PVB’s experts are always ready by your side to give professional advice and solve your problems.