Balcony Energy Storage Solutions

PVB delivers superior energy solutions to all, providing energy-independent life with efficiency, safety, and elegance.

Solution Advantages

Unleash the potential of your balcony and enjoy the benefits of clean energy with the PVB Easy Solar Kit.


Balcony PV systems utilize clean and pollution-free solar energy that will be converted into electricity, reducing users' reliance on the grid and saving on electricity bills. PVB Easy Solar Kit is affordable, allowing you to get payback only after a few years after installation.

DIY Installation

Its simplicity and compactness make it easy to install and move. What you need to do is to fix the PV system to the balcony railing and plug the system cables into household outlets. If you plan to relocate, the system can be disassembled and reinstalled.

Energy Independence

By integrating energy storage systems, the PV system can store excess solar energy during sunnier days and tap into it when grid outages occur. It reduces dependence on external energy sources and enhances resilience in the face of power grid disruptions.

Easy, Efficient, Cost-Effective

Plug and play design, energy conversion with high efficiency, module-level and independent MPPTs, energy independence, and smart monitoring


More Integrated

PVB solutions go beyond mere energy generation by seamlessly integrating energy consumption and storage into a comprehensive solution. This integrated approach provides a one-stop solution for all aspects of the energy lifecycle. You can rely on PVB systems whether sunny or rainy to enjoy an easy, smart, and pleasant home life.

Smart System Monitoring and Management

As a solar energy conversion device, PV modules can output energy under sunlight and cannot be turned off, which makes the DC high voltage must exist in PV array under the condition of sunlight.
When the DC terminal contact is poor, it’s easy to cause DC arc, resulting in PV system fire. Meanwhile, if the PV array wire is damaged, the electric shock risk might exist, threatening the safety of firefighters. However, TSUN Microinverter adopts multi-channel MPPT design, and each input voltage is low DC voltage.
Therefore, the PV system with TSUN microinverter has no risk of DC high voltage and DC arc.
And in emergency situations such as fire, the firefighters safety can be guaranteed with no risks of electric shock.

Much Easier to Install

PV system requires professional installers to install. But TSUN Microinverters adopt plug-and-play design, most connecting work can be finished on the roof.
Therefore, compared with other inverters, the installation of TSUN Microinverter is much easier and only needs simple training.

Smart System Monitoring and Management

Energy management is much easier than ever with PVB systems. Module-level monitoring of solar panels allows detailed system information and instant fault detection and resolution. You can access real-time and historical data with the PVB online platform or mobile app, checking energy consumption and optimizing energy utilization. Monitor and manage anytime and anywhere.

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PVB balcony solutions with energy storage systems deliver outstanding performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliable quality. 


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