Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solution

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Commercial and industrial energy storage solutions can bring many benefits to businesses, such as optimizing energy use, reducing costs and contributing to a greener energy future.

c&i energy storage solution

Why Choose PVB
C&I Energy Storage Solution

Cost Savings

Through peak shaving, demand charge reduction and energy arbitrage.

Emergency Backup Power

PVB provides the power needs of some important loads and ensure the normal production of important production lines.

Environmental Benefits

By enabling greater use of renewable energy, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.


The wiring operation is simple and fast and the system supports forklift and crane transportation, making the transportation easier.


Pack-level immersion fire protection, liquid cooling and heat management technology, providing the ultimate safety protection mode.


Covering communication energy storage, grid frequency regulation energy storage, C&I energy storage in the new energy field.

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