Energy Monitoring Unit BYG2000-8S

The BYR2000-8S serves as an energy monitoring unit within the microinverter system, functioning as the communication gateway between the microinverter and the PV background management system.

The BYR2000-8S facilitates local area network (LAN) communication with the microinverter using power line carrier communication (PLCC). It gathers operational data from the microinverter and transmits this information to the PV background management system via the wide area network (WAN).

The PVB BYG2000-8S monitors the real-time data of each PV module and upload the running data of microinverter to the cloud server in real time. (up to 8 single-way microinverters or 2 four-way microinverters are supported)


Self-Generating And Self-Use Zero-Output Power Grid

The function of self-generating and self-use zero-output power grid of gateway BYG2000-8S is realized by the built-in transceiver 485 that monitors the real-time power generation capacity from the micro inverter to the power grid collected by single-phase electricity meter.

Gateway BYG2000-8S checks the legality of the real-time power generation and then adjusts the output voltage of PV microinverter to control the power transmitted by microinverter to power grid.

Self-generating and self-use zero-output power grid can be activated through remote monitoring. We shall complete the operations in the Gateway Distribution Procedures before starting self-generating and selfuse zero-output power grid through remote monitoring.

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Features of Energy Monitoring Unit

Remote Control

Real-time monitoring of each PV module and a series of remote operations at the same time

Data Safety

High anti-interference capability, no electromagnetic interference and data safety


Transmission of digital signals by carrier wave along the existing power line ensures the stability

Product Specs


Communication mode

PLCC (Power Line Carrier)

Power line frequency range


Communication mode

Ethernet communication

Interface type

RJ45 interface

Communication rate

10/100 Mbps

Communication mode


Carrier frequency band

2.412 GHz - 2.484 GHz

Communication rate

Up to 150 Mbps

Operating voltage

Single-phase AC 85 V~265 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

≤5 W

Connectable sigle-channel MI

8 units

Waterproof grade


Max. Input Current


Max. Output Current


Max. Load Current


Operating temperature

-20°C ~ +65°C

Storage temperature

-20°C ~ +85°C

Operating humidity

5%~95%RH(no condensation)

Storage humidity

1%~95%RH(no condensation)

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Energy Monitoring Unit
Energy Monitoring Unit BYR2000

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