Residential Energy Management Solution

PVB specializes in energy management system with superior safety and ease of installation, making them ideal for homeowners transitioning to solar energy.

PVB‘s energy management system not only improves energy efficiency, but also provides a sustainable and intelligent way for households to manage their energy consumption.

pvb residential energy management solution


PVB has strong R&D strength and technical reserves and is committed to providing PV micro inverter solutions.


PVB's core products have passed the authoritative certification of TUV,CE,INMETRO, VDE and other international institutions.

Customer Orientation

PVB provides all-round and integrated services and we actively carry out one-to-one customer training and communication activities.


Energy Storage

PVB residential energy storage systems can efficiently store excess wind and solar energy, provide stable energy support when demand peaks or cannot generate electricity.

Smart Charging

EV charger can intelligently adjust the charging rate based on household energy production and electric vehicle battery status, maximize the use of renewable energy. It can be seamlessly connected with the energy manager.

Real-time Monitoring

The energy management system can monitor energy consumption, provide users with detailed energy usage reports and suggestions, and help users better understand and manage energy consumption.

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Energy Management System

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