Portable Balcony Solar Kits

Elevate your living space with our balcony solar systems – compact yet powerful, turning your balcony into a clean energy powerhouse.

Solution Advantages

Unleash the potential of your balcony and enjoy the benefits of clean energy with the PVB Easy Solar Kit.


Balcony PV systems utilize clean and pollution-free solar energy that will be converted into electricity, reducing users' reliance on the grid and saving on electricity bills. PVB Easy Solar Kit is affordable, allowing you to get payback only after a few years after installation.

DIY Installation

Its simplicity and compactness make it easy to install and move. Ordinary individuals can easily complete the installation based on the tutorial. What’s more, if you plan to relocate, the system can be disassembled and reinstalled to continue functioning.


What you need to do is fix the PV system to the balcony railing and plug the system cables into household outlets. Then solar energy generation is started to meet daily household electricity needs, enabling overall benefits from green energy.

Easy, Efficient, Cost-Effective

Very easy installation, plug and play, module-level and independent MPPTs for high efficiency, and smart monitoring

More Savings

Instead of relying on traditional, often fossil fuel-dependent electricity, balcony PV systems capture clean and abundant solar energy, significantly reducing monthly energy costs. Imagine the payback period of just a few years, after which you’ll be basking in the financial benefits of solar power. With your own mini power plant on your balcony, you also gain increased self-sufficiency. Generate what you consume and become less vulnerable to price fluctuations.

More Efficient

PVB microinverters use independent MPPTs, optimizing each solar panel’s operating point for maximum energy generation. Unlike traditional setups affected by shading or debris, the MPPT technology ensures each panel operates independently, overcoming efficiency issues caused by environmental factors. This results in a consistently high-performance system, free from the “Bucket Effects.”

Easy DIY Installation

Adopting a plug-and-play design concept, you can install the PVB Solar Kit easily. The simple and clear tutorials guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup experience. This user-friendly approach to installation eliminates the need for specialized skills or technical knowledge, making the process accessible to all.

Smart System Monitoring and Management

Solar energy management is much easier than ever with PVB Energy Management Unit (EMU), intelligent gateway products, and instant data transmission communication. You can access real-time and historical data with the PVB online platform or mobile app BYM Cloud, optimizing energy utilization. Monitor and manage anytime and anywhere.

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