On-grid Solar Energy Solution

The PVB Solar Energy Solution provides a reliable source of clean energy while reducing carbon footprint and energy costs.

Whether for residential or C&I (commercial and industrial) use, PVB microinverters can provide clean, renewable energy, reduce energy costs, and promote sustainable development.

residential microinverter solution

c&i microinverter solution

Solution Advantages


Low DC voltage to guarantee safety and parallel connection for easy scalability.


PVB provides 25 years warranty to ensure long-term performance and durability.


Module-level MPPT to track the maximum efficiency, each solar panel operates independently.


simplifie the installation

Scalability of the system allows for easy expansion by adding more solar panels and microinverters as energy needs grow.

microinverter installation


with PVB microinverters

The microinverters convert DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity, ensuring compatibility with existing electrical systems.


the PV systems remotely

Access real-time and historical data with the PVB online platform or mobile app PVB Cloud, optimizing energy utilization.

microinverter monitoring

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