Reliable Solar Microinverters

Microinverters, suitable for balconies and rooftops, optimize solar module output through module-level control, making them ideal for limited spaces and small-scale systems.


Microinverter with individual module-level MPPT can prevent the impact of a single solar panel malfunction on the entire system and provide real-time monitoring for timely issue detection and resolution.

reliable solar microinverters

Types of PVB Microinverter

dual-in microinverter

Leading Temperature Performance

As a leading micro inverter manufacturer, PVB microinverters' working temperature range is -40℃~70℃, which is 5 degrees higher than the most needed products, and the derating does not exceed 10% when the ring temperature is 55℃, and the output can still reach 50% at 70℃.

Largest Single Output Power

Maximum output power value & continuous input current value, support the parallel input of two or more photovoltaic panels.

Long Warranty

Follow the solar industry's approach and design with an MTBF of at least 30 years, allowing for a 25-year warranty. Optional warranty: 10 years or 25 years.

Remote Monitored

PVB's monitoring system enables remote and module-level monitoring of solar systems via PLCC and wireless communication. Users can optimize system efficiency, address issues, and maximize energy production.

Which Series is Suitable for You

Enjoy the benefits of clean energy with the PVB microinverter solutions.

Single-In, Dual-In or Quad-In

With our 500W to 2800W microinverters, you can design the system flexibly, connecting a single panel, two panels, four panels, or eight panels to increase the output power.

microinverter installation

PLCC or Wi-Fi communication

The PLCC mode is low cost and strongly anti-interference while the WiFi mode has high communication speed, flexible networking, and remote monitoring. Choose based on project needs.

microinverter monitor

Microinverter Power Selection

For optimal production, ensure your microinverters' power rating matches your solar panels. The ideal oversizing ratio falls between 1.1 and 1.35 times your installed capacity.

microinverter efficiency

Microinverters vs String Inverters



String Inverters

System Size

More advantageous for smaller installations or those with shading issues

More cost-effective for larger installations with minimal shading


More expensive on a per-watt basis

Overall system cost depends on project requirements


Easier to maintain due to modularity

May require more maintenance and can impact the entire string if they fail

Microinverters vs String Inverters

Easy Installation, Reliable Quality

Our microinverters feature a plug-and-play wiring system that eliminates complex processes and manual wiring. This not only reduces installation time but also lowers the risk of errors. The use of advanced manufacturing processes and materials ensures high quality, improved reliability, and adaptability to varying and harsh environments.

High Compatibility, Flexible Expansion

Our wiring system boasts strong compatibility, accommodating different rated power microinverters and associated systems like energy storage systems. Users can expand the system scale at any time based on actual needs without replacing the existing wiring structure. This flexibility makes system upgrades more convenient and cost-saving.

Real-time Monitoring, Convenient Maintenance

With an advanced monitoring system, the system’s operational status can be promptly detected. Monitoring parameters such as current, voltage, and temperature help prevent potential faults and identify issues. Users can also remotely monitor the system and, based on detailed fault diagnosis information provided, quickly locate and resolve problems.

Your questions answered

FAQs About Microinverter

Microinverters offer enhanced energy production and system reliability for commercial solar installations. Their individual panel optimization ensures maximum output, even in cases of shading or varying panel orientations.

Yes, microinverters can often be retrofitted into existing solar systems. This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to upgrade their systems for better performance and monitoring.

Look for microinverters with high efficiency ratings and ensure that are compatible with your specific solar panel model and other system components.Welcome to contact PVB’s technical experts for advice-a reputable micro inverter supplier.

Various financial incentives and tax credits are often available for businesses adopting solar technologies, including microinverters. It’s recommended to consult with local authorities or energy agencies to explore available programs.

PVB uses PLCC connectivity to provide real-time data access and module-level monitoring. Users may improve system efficiency, resolve issues quickly, and increase energy production.

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