Energy Storage

Reliable Solar
Energy System

PVB solar energy storage system is an advanced energy storage technology that can be widely applied in residential, commercial and industry. These systems store electricity in batteries, enabling flexible scheduling and efficient management of energy for various purposes.

solar energy system

Types of Energy Storage System

High-voltage Rack-mounted Storage System
High-voltage Stacked Residential Storage System
pvb air energy storage system
pvb 230kwh energy storage system
pvb air energy storage system
Energy Management System

Energy Storage Works​

An energy storage system works by capturing and storing electrical energy during periods of low demand or high renewable energy generation, and subsequently releasing it when demand is high or renewable sources are not actively producing power.

Advanced control systems and inverters manage the charging and discharging processes, optimizing energy flow, and ensuring seamless integration with the power grid or local energy sources. Energy storage systems play a crucial role in enhancing grid stability, supporting renewable energy integration, and providing backup power during outages, contributing to a more reliable and resilient energy infrastructure.

Energy Storage System Features

Flexible Expansion

Easily expand their storage capacity to 10 or 15 times larger (based on product models) .

Easy Installation

Without complex procedures, reducing the time and resources required.

Wide Applications

Whether it's for residential or commercial use, our systems can serve multiple purposes.


Multiple protection of software and hardware with long service life.

Energy Storage System

An energy storage system captures and efficiently delivers generated energy for future use. If the stored energy comes from sources like solar or wind power systems, it is called a renewable energy storage system. The energy storage technologies mainly include:

Stores energy as gravitational potential, kinetic motion, or compression potential.

Utilizes different battery technologies with various electrochemical reactions.

Stores energy by heating or cooling materials using excess electrical energy.

Uses Super capacitors and Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES). Stores electricity in electric and electromagnetic fields with minimal energy loss.


Involves using electricity for electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen. Stored in high-pressure containers for use in combustion or electricity generation via PEM Fuel Cells.

Is Energy Storage System Worth It

Energy Independent

With a renewable energy storage system, you can go completely off-grid by storing excess power from solar power systems.

Enhanced Power Resiliency

Energy storage systems ensure power resiliency by being a backup during outages or low-energy production periods.

Cost Savings

By storing excess energy, you can rely on your own power supply, reducing dependency on the grid and mitigating the impact of rising electricity costs.


PVB's after-sales service includies installation, debugging, and maintenance. We offer free repair or replacement during the warranty period.

More Solutions​

Balcony Energy Storage Solutions

PVB offers cutting-edge energy solutions to everyone, ensuring a life of energy independence characterized by efficiency, safety, and sophistication.

C&I Energy Storage Solution

PVB’s C&I energy storage solution offers unparalleled reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness, empowering businesses to optimize energy usage.

Residential Energy Management Solution

Reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective. PVB’s residential energy storage solution empowers homeowners with uninterrupted power.

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